We Freezone Refrigartion Systems LLC is sitauted in Musaffah Industrial area 16. Our Primary Motto is to provide our best services in the refrigeration industry. We provides solution for all the refrigerayion needs. We fabricate Insulated & Refrigeration boxes for all tupe of delivery Vans, Trucks, Trailers etc. We also provide mobile Refrigeration units. We are Supplying, Fixing and Reparing of all the refrigeration units like Thermoking, Hwasung Thermo, Carrier, Mitsubishi etc.


Insulated Reefer bodies with refrigeration units ( Chiller , Freezer, Dry Type etc)

Cargo Type Boxes (Steel, GI etc)

Cold Storages (Chiller/ Freezer etc)

Refrigerated Beverage Body with Shutter Doore

Mobile Kitchen Units

Installation & Maintenance Of Hydraulic Tail Lifts

Supply, Installation & Repairing of all kinds of Refrigeration Units

Fruits & Vegetable Storages

Freezer Room

Frozen products should be stored in freezer room in order to keep them intact for a long time. The temperature of these rooms is generally -18°C. It is called Walk-in Freezer or Freezer Room.
Temperature : -18°C / -20°C
Suitability : Frozen Foods, Meat, Chicken, Fish, Ice Cream etc.
Dimensions : Custom sizes according to customer requests.
Panels : PUR or PIR

Chiller Room

In order for the products to preserve their freshness for a long time, they should be stored in a chiller room. The temperature of chiller rooms is usually + 2°C. It is called Walk-in Chiller or Chiller Room.
Temperature: +2°C
Suitability: Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes, Milk, Dairy, Fruit Juices etc.
Dimensions: Custom sizes according to customer requests.
Panels: PUR or PIR

Blast Freezer Room

It is used for shocking to preserve foods for a longer period of time. The temperature of the blast freezer rooms is generally -40°C. It is especially used for perishable foods. Meat, chicken, fish etc. It is called Walk-in Blast Freezer or Blast Freezer Room.
Temperature : -40°C
Suitability : Meat, Chicken, Fish etc.
Dimensions : Custom sizes according to customer requests.
Panels : PUR or PIR

Cold Room Refrigeration Units

Produced in conformity with cold room and freezer room conditions. It conforms to European Union norms and is manufactured with CE marking.
Environmentally Friendly
Certified Products
Energy Saving
Does not contain carcinogenic material
Can be used in the health and food sector

Cold Room Door

Door preference is very important for cold rooms. We are here to suggest the most suitable door to you based on customer needs and room features.
Door Types:
• Hinged Cold Room Doors
• Sliding Cold Room Doors
• Service Doors

Refrigerated Containers

Freezer/ Chiller Containers 10 feet,20 feet and 40 feet.

Cold Room Panels

Cold room panels are made of 42 kg/m³ (± 2) Polyurethane. They have also a B2 non-flammable standard under TS EN 13501-1. Panels are connected in a puzzle form. Afterward they can also be demounted. Wall and ceiling cold room panels are produced in different thicknesses (60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm). They are 100-120 cm wide and can be manufactured according to your instructions optional long. With the purpose of use, wall and ceiling panel steel sheets can be manufactured with Cr-Ni, PVC, Galvanize, and Polyester. Cold room panels are smooth, hygienic, and are easily cleanable. As they are hygienic, they are commonly used in hospitals, grocery storehouses, and in medicament branches. Panels prevent heat loss with their individual design and accessories.
* Optionally, It can be produced as a Camlock cold room panel.

Tail Lift

General purpose work and distribution transport up to 1000 kg useful capacity. It is available with 
universal bolt-on mounting plates to suit regular chassis, or with brand-specific quick-fit mounting plates (depending on chassis type, wheel base and overhang). It suits most commercial vans and light-duty trucks up to 7.5T GVW, as well as small trailers and semi-trailers.

Technical specifications Best seller:
Superior stability and performance Fitting dimensions ARM 650 750 850 
* K max. 1080 1220 1370 C max. 530 610 690 C min. 250 300 350 CO max. 550 610 680 M at C max. 510 570 660 M at C min. 740 715 910 
* 850 arms optional.

Refrigerated Vehicles

  • Freezer and Chiller (Refrigerated delivery Vans /Trucks)
  • Tuff Coat Work (Polyurea Coating) and Fiber Coating.
  • Vehicle Shelf/Racks (Aluminium, Steel, MS)
  • Vehicle Shutter work with hinged or Roll up shutter doors
  • Vehicles Dry boxes (Cargo bodies) Steel or Sandwich Panels

Super Market Refrigeration Equipment’s

  • Standing Chiller, Combi Freezers, Display Chillers etc.
  • Fruits and Vegetable Cold Storages.
  • Kitchen Equipments and Fabrications sales & service:
  • Sales and Service of used Compressors of Major Brands:
  • General Service of all kinds of Freezer and Chiller Units.